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Beating Adult Acne

Hello Flower Tribe,

By now, you know self-care is the name of the movement. You also know that self-care is about taking care, listening to and honoring yourself. This mindset includes all things mental, physical, spiritual and emotional.

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But let's talk about the physical.

Today, I want to focus on our skin routines. By no means am I a dermatologist or cosmetologist, but I am a woman who encountered adult acne years beyond my teenage years. The frustrating part about that is that I was a completely clear-faced teenager. Discovering how to care for this "new face" became extremely frustrating, but through trial and error I learned some very healthy routines that have helped me to almost master my facial flaws. Courtney for the win!

I'm excited to share my routines to help another person with troubled skin, but the disclaimer is that while these things worked for me there is no guarantee they'll work for you.

Things that helped me clear my skin.

1. Washing my face at night. Some people may not see when they wash their face as a big deal, but I have learned that washing my face at night and moisturizing it aligns it to the healing and regeneration of the rest of my body. When I awaken I normally find my skin to be healthy and glowing. Also, moisturizing during that time is really important too. When you awaken in the morning your skin will not only feel clean, but it will also be well moisturized.

2. Finding a good facial toner. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but a good facial toner makes a world of a difference. It truly balances your skin. Even after washing your face, a good toner can come through and lift some remaining dirt and bring in a nice, clean glow. I purchased this brand from Whole Foods. I like to put a little on my facial towel and rub it directly on my face. I've used the spray bottle versions from other name brands, such as Trader Joes, but this is my favorite. I also intentionally selected the "Rose Petal" version. It's my preference.

3. Castor Oil. I know how many people talk about oils and clogging pores. Refer to a comedogenic rating chart to guide you. I've attached one below. In my personal experience, castor oil has been extremely beneficial to my skin especially during the winter months. Side bar- my hair loves it too.

(I do not own rights to this chart. I just like it. You can easily find others if you Google or search on Pinterest)

I'm sure this suggestion is going to throw several of you for a loop, but castor oil does amazing work when it comes to healing, moisturizing and regenerating the skin, especially in the winter time in cool locations. I know it is thick, but I never have any issues with it clogging my pores. I would suggest referring to the comedogenic list and making a decision for yourself.. It is considered very low on the list of oils that clogs pores. In fact, it has been a key component in helping me heal my skin.

4. Bentonite Clay- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff. Whenever my face is giving me a hard time, I always mask it and this clay soaks the impurities right up. I combine this mask with Aloe Vera juice or gel (depending what is in my house). I let it completely dry on my face. This does take a little time. Then, I wash it off with a warm rag and reapply the aloe vera gel. It is awesome at soaking up my acne.

5. Keeping my phone off of my face. You'd be surprised how much bacteria, dirt, sweat, oil are on a phone. It's just a filth factory! Then we take this device that holds so much and place it on our faces. Surprisingly enough, or maybe not so surprisingly, the same place I was placing my phone was the same place I noticed myself having acne. As time went on and I started being intentional with using my ear pieces or blue tooth, I noticed the acne was no longer there, however, whenever I went back to holding my phone to my face the acne usually returned to that area. So simple solution, KEEP THE PHONE OFF OF YOUR FACE! ;)

6. Vegan diet. I know some of you might think "Oh you vegans really think your diet is the solution to everything." Honestly, I am a huge proponent of the vegan diet for reasons mentioned in a previous blog (read my blog "Yes, I'm Vegan. No I'm not Skinny" if you missed my reasoning for why I went vegan.) But, my skin really did change once I got rid of meat, dairy AND consuming a lot of unnatural sugar. What I know to be true is what you do on the inside ultimaely affects how you feel on the outside.

7. Drink tons of water. We've heard the importance of drinking water time and time again. I won't beat you over the head, lol, with those facts. I will mention that water does aid in the hydration of our skin. Our body encounters a lot of environmental toxins as well as holds tons of them from our diets. Consistently drinking water really aids our bodies with flushing these things out and purifying our hair, skin, nails, etc. This is also extremely crucial in the colder months. Skin tends to be a little more dry which can cause several skin issues. Do yourself a favor and just stay hydrated.

I hope this helps! If you have other helpful suggestions, please feel free to leave comments down below.



About the author:

Courtney Brookins is a mother, poet, author and educator. She published her first book, Flowering Yourself, which is a collection of poems. She is also the co-founder of OneSun3Flowers with her two daughters, which is an empowerment and leadership organization for women, girls, mothers and daughters centered around practicing self-care and building healthy relationships.







YouTube: OneSun3flowers TV


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