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We're OneSun3Flowers


We're Courtney, Iyanna & Camara and we're the founders of OneSun3Flowers. We're a mother-daughter company located in the Chicagoland area with a focus of empowering women of all ages. Our mission is to empower and educate our tribe on the value of prioritizing self-care, self-love and wellness.

We didn't always have this business:

in fact most days you could have found us on a soccer field, ballet class and living the day to day busy family life. Somewhere in between trying to make yoga classes, staying caffeinated and constant competitions we found ourselves overwhelmed, tired and not having much time to nurture our relationships with one another or ourselves. That's when  we put our heads together and created our company.

Now you can still find us on a soccer field, tumbling on a gymnasium floor or in a yoga class, but when you see us you'll see a united tribe of blooming women. The girls are growing into women and Courtney is continuing to grow within herself. Equally important, we're always discovering new ways to love ourselves and our family more. 

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