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We're the Sunkissed Chicsters


We're Iyanna and Camara. We're two Aries sisters who are constantly mistaken for twins, but are actually two years apart.


I am the oldest sister. I love all things fashion, STEM and I'm an avid soccer player. Most days I'm just trying to figure out how I can get a hat trick or the best way to rock my newest look. My favorite color is pink, but I believe the color black looks good on everyone. Speaking of which I'm the creator of our tee "LGE" which means LOOK GOOD EVERYWHERE. I mean you really don't need a reason to look good where you're going. Am I right? Or am I right? ;-)


I am the youngest sister- for now! I really want to be the middle child if mommy would give me a younger brother or sister!- Ha! I see everything as art, I am an artist. I love watching DIY hacks and makeup tutorials. Mommy says I am too young to be learning about makeup, but she let's me watch the videos any way. If I get free time, I'm either thinking about gymnastics, painting, singing or dancing. I love creating things and I know I am going to be famous for something. My big sister is my best friend and I am in lovvvvee with unicorns & rainbows. I created several of our tees from our SunKissed Chicsters collection

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