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4th Quarter: 4 Ways to Keep Self-Care in the Game.

Hello Flower Tribe,

Wow, can you believe it? It's already October! If you're like me, then 2018 has FLOWN by and we are now in the 4th quarter of the year!

In 2018, we learned a great deal about ourselves and self-care. As, we work towards finishing the last quarter of the 2018, I am hoping that you are carrying all of the strategies and plays that we have practiced this year, most importantly self-love and self-care.

In a lot of the colder states, we are witnessing the dropping temperatures, darker skies and more dreary weather. With that in mind, I know the weather can negatively combat some of our emotions and mental spaces.

So how can we be intentional with making sure we finish the year strong and in a happy and positive mental space? Great question, let's discuss this below.

Bringing in the W

1. Continue to prioritize self-care. In August, we integrated self-care in our daily routine. We learned from our #selfcarechallenge, that it is possibly to make it a priority to practice self-care daily. Let's continue utilizing the tasks from that calendar that were most suitable for us. Prioritizing ourselves in the cold months is essential. Warm yourself up with self-care.

2. Stay active. As the weather cools, it's a natural desire to want to bundle up, get somewhere comfy and move as little as possible. While this plan may sound attractive, it is super important that we make time to warm our muscles and keep our bodies moving. Prioritize working out and stretching those muscles in this season. It will undoubtedly help keep you in a positive mental space.

3.Connect with others. In the summer, everyone is moving connecting and hanging out. As the weather cools, these gatherings tend to become less of a priority, but it doesn't have to be this way. There are lots of fun things to do during the winter months. Grab a friend, family member, partner, or go by yourself and check out some of the festive things that are offered in your neighborhoods and cities. Make dinner or breakfast plans with someone who's company you enjoy. Go see a movie or watch one at home. Don't allow yourself to hibernate too much just because the weather is shifting. Relationships are still super important in this season.

4. Get outside. Enjoy the weather even if it is getting cooler. Remember cold weather CAN be fun. The fall and winter offers opportunities to connect with people and the earth in new ways. There's everything from pumpkin patches to ice skating. And what about bonfires and bundled walks with hot chocolate and a friend? Attend a sporting event. Whatever you choose, don't let the cool air keep you in, try to discover new ways to enjoy the new season.

Most importantly, make sure you warm yourself with self-love as the temperatures continue to drop.

With love,


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About the author:

Courtney Brookins is a mother, poet, author and educator. She published her first book, Flowering Yourself, which is a collection of poems. She is also the co-founder of OneSun3Flowers with her two daughters, which is an empowerment and leadership organization for women, girls, mothers and daughters centered around practicing self-care and building healthy relationships.







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